Diversity Keeps America Strong
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We are SPECIALISTS in the field of Good Faith Efforts, Minority Outreach, and Affirmative Action Compliance.  

  We hear every excuse imaginable for why someone feels they and their organization do not need to reach out with a broad net, into a pool rich in minority candidates.  In an ideal world the workforce would be diverse and the only factor in determining employment would be ability to perform the required work.                                   



This page will help you understand even more about “Who” must actively reach out to a National pool of Minority candidates; “What” the outreach should entail and “How” we can help you minimize this expense with maximum results.  



If you receive Federal Dollars, or you subcontract with someone who does, you need to show that not only do you not discriminate but are actively making a Good Faith Effort to outreach to Minorities, Recruit and Promote Minorities, support Organizations, and increase the pool of qualified Minorities by going beyond your local market.


Multiple agencies conduct reviews and audits of Equal Opportunity and Diversity requirements.  The spirit of the law is that all organizations do not discriminate based on race, color, gender, etc., and provide equal access to Minorities.  The “gold standard” to follow (whether you are considered a Government contractor or not, AA regulations directly apply to you or not)  is the Federal Contract Compliance Manual (FCCM) which is published by the Office of Outreach of the Department of Labor.  The FCCM does not dictate to you what to do; everyone is free to pursue different avenues.  Staying in compliance can be difficult, expensive, and an additional drain on low resources.  

What we recommend to our clients is simple:  ”Have the 4 documents they will ask for in an audit.”  You are not only insured to PASS the audit simply and successfully, but you will have access to the latest technological tools to successfully recruit qualified Women and Minority candidates and take advantage of the benefits of Diversity.


So you not only satisfy the requirements of an audit, but you have low cost and unlimited access to one of the oldest & largest Minority Networks not only to post your open positions, but you can also put up contracts and services for bid. 


We provide all 5 documents & services that the Department of Labor asks for in Chapter 3 of the Federal Contract Compliance Manual (FCCM) under the section Desk Top Review & Onsite Audit. (see our services)