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Linking to a Minority Media is an important step toward completing your Good Faith Efforts to target and recruit minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.


COs must identify the managers that played a role in making employment decisions that the COs determine, through the desk audit review or other on-site analysis, need clarification. Examples of the types of questions that COs should ask and include in the Interview Plan are below.

Is the contractor making efforts to reach out to or establish linkages with groups representing veterans, individuals with disabilities, women and minorities? Describe those efforts.

Your profile will be activated on the Minority Success Profiles to show that you are taking positive recruitment and outreach steps. Displaying and documenting your good faith efforts in linking to groups representing Veterans, individual with disabilities, women and minorities and encourage candidates to find out more about your company, Make sure to track this effort in your AAP and link back to us.

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