Internal Dissemination

You will receive the proper EEO Statement as a PDF file, via email. It is important that you print it on your letterhead, with your name, date and contact information, as well as your signature, to satisfy these mandates. Let your employees know where they can find it.


Section 503 AAP and Utilization Goal. If one or more of the below listed Section 503 AAP and utilization goal elements is missing, COs must automatically consider the submission unacceptable.


VEVRAA AAP and Hiring Benchmark. If one or more of the below listed VEVRAA AAP and hiring benchmark elements is missing, COs must automatically consider the submission unacceptable.

Internal dissemination of the contractor’s EEO policy;

Description of the contractor’s audit and reporting system

Designation of responsible official;

An acceptable AAP must address the contractor’s procedures to disseminate its EEO policy internally.

The policy must be included in the contractor’s policy manual or otherwise made available to employees……

The procedures must be designed to foster understanding, acceptance and support among the contractor’s employees, and to encourage employees to take actions to aid the contractor in meeting this obligation. Contractors may schedule periodic employee meetings to discuss the policy or conduct meetings with executive, managerial and supervisory personnel to explain the intent of the policy, and to delineate individual responsibility for its implementation.


The contractor’s appointment of a person to be responsible for implementing the AAP must be an executive who has the authority and resources to ensure that the AAP is put into practice.

COs must obtain a copy of the responsible official’s position description to ensure that it includes implementing the AAP. During the interview, the official responsible for the AAP’s implementation must describe how the specific provisions of the AAP are implemented.

The roles of the interviewed officials in developing and implementing the AAP must be the same as specified in the written AAP. If they are not the same, COs must ask the contractor for an explanation.


An acceptable AAP must identify the official assigned responsibility for implementing the contractor’s affirmative action activities for individuals with disabilities, and describe that official’s responsibilities.

The contractor must give this official the necessary senior management support and staff to manage the implementation of the program.

The AAP should also describe the responsibilities of line management in carrying out the program.

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