Certificate of Merit

This certifies that you are working with a minority organization to help you with your outreach requirements.

External Dissemination of your EEO Statement

Satisfies the publishing requirements in a minority publication.

Link to a Pool Rich in Minority Candidates

Meets the requirement for outreach and external linkage agreements.

Unlimited Job Postings

Yes! We have included unlimited nationwide job postings with over 100 job boards, free for an entire year.

Road Map to Compliance

All the answers you need to stay in full compliance with all your good faith efforts, and more!

Discounts are made possible through MSPG Foundation and an assortment of Enterprise organizations allowing a savings of up to 70%.

Services include: Certificate of Merit, Updates on Affirmative Action changes, Publication in “Minorities & Success”, 2-Way Linkage, and unlimited job postings as well as the Road Map to Compliance.

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